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What is a skin infection?
Skin infections are brought on by a wide array of bacteria, as well as symptoms can vary from light to severe. It’s a condition in which germs (bacteria, viruses, or fungis) infect your skin as well as occasionally the deep cells beneath it. Sometimes, it’s triggered by a parasite attacking your skin. You can get a skin infection at any time your skin is broken, whether from a cut, tattoo, puncturing, puncture, sting or bite. Get your best treatment for skin/fungal infection in Jaipur


Mild infections may be treatable with over-the-counter medications and home remedies, whereas other infections may require medical attention.

What causes skin infections?
Skin infections are caused by different kinds of bacteria. For example,

  • Bacteria create cellulitis, impetigo, as well as staphylococcal (staph) infections
  • Infections trigger roof shingles, moles, and also herpes simplex
  • Fungi cause professional athlete’s foot as well as yeast infections
  • Parasites trigger body lice, head lice, and also scabies

Symptoms that Require Medical Attention
The symptoms depend upon the sort of infection. Some symptoms that are common to numerous skin infections include breakouts, swelling, redness, pain, pus, as well as itching.

Treatment depends on the cause of the infection and the severity. Some types of viral skin infections may improve on their own within days or weeks. Dr Anita Vijay provides a variety of skin infection at  Aari skin cinic in Jaipur visit your nearest skin specialist in Jaipur


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